Workout of the Day - 12/30/15


Four Sets of:

Romanian Deadlift x 8,6,4,8 reps

Rest 30s

Ring Dips x 2-3 reps OR Dip Negaitves x 2-3 reps

Rest 90s


B. AMRAP in 4 Minutes:

6 Hang Power Cleans (~50-60% of last RDL set; NTE 135/95#)

12 Burpees over Bar [Rest/walk 4minutes]

AMRAP in 4 Minutes:

Row (meters)


C. Cool Down -

2-3 sets:

Barbell Quad Mash x 30-60 sec per side

Banded Hamstring stretch x 30-60 sec per side

Emily ShubinComment