Workout of the Day: 6/27/16 - 7/3/16

*Please note we will be closed Sunday (7/3) and Monday (7/4) (normal schedule otherwise).

Monday 6/27

A. 3 Sets:

Front squat x 5 reps

(rest 30 seconds)

Single-arm DB row x 10-15/arm

(rest 2 minutes)


B. 3 sets:

KB reverse lunges (goblet hold) x 8-12/leg

(no rest)

Ring row x 10-15

(rest 2 mins)


C. 100 Russian Twists for time (20/14#)


Tuesday 6/28

A. 6 Sets of:

On a 2.5 minute clock...

3 Push press @70-90% 1RM

30 Double unders

Max Alternating DB Snatch (45/25#) in remaining time

(rest 1.5 minutes)


Wednesday 6/29

A. 4 Sets:

Deadlift x 3 reps

(rest 2-3 mins)


B. For time:


Toes to bar



C. Side plank:

2 min running clock right

(rest 1 minute)

2 min running clock left

*If you need to rest, get back into it as quickly as possible. Goal is to eventually hold full 2 mins/side


Thursday 6/30

A. Close-grip bench: build to 5RM in under 12 minutes


B. For time with a partner, complete 3 sets each (alternating full rounds):

21 Russian KBS (70/55#)

18 Row calories

15 Russian KBS

12 Row calories

9 Russian KBS


Friday 7/1

A. Power clean ladder - 1 rep EMOM x 10 mins

(start light-ish, attempt to add 5-10lbs per minute)


B. EMOM x 15 mins:

5 Pull-ups

10 Pushups

15 Air squats


-Goal is completing 15/15 EMOMs

-If you don't make it through a round, rest the next minute than begin back with the group on the next round

-score = # of rounds completed


Saturday 7/2

Saturday surprise!


Sunday 7/3

Open gym or rest :)

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