Workout of the Day: 1/15/18 - 1/21/18

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be re-testing a few things from September, as well as testing some new things. This is a great way to measure progress and set some new baselines!


MON 1/15

A. 10 min EMOM:

Hang Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean 

*Post best complex to white board


B. For Time:

500m Row Time Trial* 

*Post time to white board


C. Side Plank (on elbow)* - Max 2:00 per arm with 2:00 rest b/w arms 

*post best time per side 


TUE 1/16

A. 3 sets: 

Close-grip Bench Press x 5-8

(spot partner)

Chin-up x 1-3 

(rest 2 min) 


B. "Heartbreak Kid"*

3 Rounds for Time:

25 KB Swings (53/35#)

25 Burpees 

*Record time & KB weight on white board. Compare to Tuesday 09/06/17.


WED 1/17

A. 4 sets: 

Single-arm DB Thruster x 12-10-8-6 each arm

Bent Over Barbell Row @21x1 x 6-8 (only 3 sets)

(Rest 2 mins)


B. Tabata Sit-ups* (20 sec on, 10 sec off, 8 rounds)

*post highest score/lowest score/total reps 


C. 5 min AMRAP:

5 Bar Dips 

100m run (77th st)


THU 1/18

A. Power Clean* - 12 minute to build to a challenging triple

*Record best triple to whiteboard


B. 4 Rounds:

In 2 Minutes complete...

4 Hang Power Cleans @80% today's best triple (NTE 155/105#)

8 Squat Thrust Box Jumps (NTE 20")

Row Cals in Remaining Time

(Rest/Walk 2 min b/w rounds) 


FRI 1/19

A. 4 sets:

Romanian Deadlift* @30x0 x 8

(Rest 2 mins)

*Post best set of RDL to whiteboard


B. 8min EMOM:

Odd- 30 sec Wallball (20/14#)

Even - 30 sec DB Renegade Row (mod wt, 1 rep = row 1 arm) 


C. Optional Accessory Work:

2 sets - Banded lat pull downs x 10-15


SAT 1/20

Saturday surprise! (Please note: Saturdays are always longer partner workouts)


SUN 1/21

SUNDAY STRETCH @ 10am or rest.

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