Workout of the Day: 1/22/18 - 1/28/17

We will be continuing with our testing & re-testing this week. 


MON 1/22

A. Sumo Deadlift High Pull* x 12-10-8-6

(rest 90 sec b/w sets) 

*post set of 6 to whiteboard


B. Single arm DB Strict Press* - build to a tough set of 8 per arm (in max 4 sets each arm)

*post weight for each arm to white board


C. 3 Sets of: 

1 min - Burpees 

30 sec - Rest

1 min - Wallballs (20/14#)

30 sec - Rest 

*post total reps each round to white board 


TUE 1/23

A. Close Grip Bench Press* - build to a tough single @30x0 in max 15 min 

*post 1-rep to white board


B. Powell Raise @10% best CGBP x one AMRAP set each arm

*post reps left arm/reps right arm/weight on whiteboard


C. "Annie"


Double Unders 


(15 min time cap) 

*post Annie time to whiteboard


WED 1/24

A. Back Squat - build to a 3RM in max 20min* 

*Post 3RM to whiteboard


During build for back squat complete 

Strict Pull-up x AMRAP set 

*Post reps to whiteboard


B. 3 Rounds: 

30 sec - Pull-ups 

30 sec - Russian KB swings (NTE 53/35#)

60 sec - Row

(Rest/walk 2 min b/w sets)


THU 1/25

A. Bar Dip* - complete one max effort attempt 

*Record max reps to whiteboard


B. Kneeling Torso Row* @30x0 - build to a heavy set of 8 per side (in max 4 sets) 

*post best 8 per side to whiteboard 


C. 5 Rounds for Time: 

7 Deadlifts (~60-70% max, NTE 225/155#)

12 Hand Release Push-ups 


FRI 1/26

A. 10min EMOM - 2 Strict Press* 

*Post best 2-rep to whiteboard


B. 12 min ascending ladder of: 

3, 6, 9, 12...

Hang Power Clean (~60-70% max NTE 95/65#)

Toes to Bar 

*Post total reps to white board & HPC wt


SAT 1/27

Saturday surprise! (please note: Saturdays are longer partner workouts)


SUN 1/28

SUNDAY STRETCH @ 10am or rest.

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