Workout of the Day: 7/8/19 - 7/14/19

MON 7/8

A. 3 sets:
Back Squat x 5-8
Strict Pull-up x 3-5
(Rest 2 min b/w sets)

B. Partner WOD!
16 min AMRAP:
32 alt. DB Snatch (NTE 50/35#)
32 Box Jumps (step down, NTE 24/20")
32 Wallball (20/14#)
32 Pushups
32 Row cals (partner in forearm plank)
*One partner works at a time (except on row/plank), divide reps as desired. Partners must tag/high 5 partner as they switch.

TUE 7/9

A. 4 Sets
Pendlay Row x 5-5-4-4 (w/ 2 sec pause at torso)
(Rest 2 min b/w sets)

B. 5 Rounds for time:
200m Run (79th st)
15 Russian KB Swing (53/35#)
10 Burpee over KB

WED 7/10

A. 4 Sets:
Front Squat x 4-5
(Rest/Stretch 2 min b/w sets)

B. Partner Workout
3 Rounds each for quality & cals:
10 Right arm DB Thruster
20 sec Side plank Right arm
10 Left arm DB Thruster
20 sec Side Plank Left arm
*Partner rows for cals while other partner works
*Switch at the end of each round

THU 7/11

A. 3 Sets:
Turkish Get-up x 3-3-3/arm
(Rest/Stretch 1 min b/w arms)

B. For Reps:
Tabata Double Under

C. For Time
Row 250m
(Rest 1 min)
Row 250m
*Record overall time minus 1 min rest. Compare to 500m PR.

FRI 7/12

A. 4 Sets:
Deadlift x 6-6-4-4
(Rest/stretch 2 min b/w sets)

B. Partner Workout!
For time:
Burpee Box Jump (NTE 24/20", step down)
Run 200m together after each set (75th St)
*Divide BBJ as desired

SAT 7/13

Saturday surprise!

SUN 7/14

SUNDAY STRETCH @ 10am or rest.

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